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In collaboration with the HRO DE&I Training Workstream, Enterprise Learning and Corporate Training/Leadership Development, three training modules were developed. These modules are designed to provide Clients with a DE&I foundation and tools to create and maintain an inclusive workplace. The intention of DEI Training is not to force anyone to change their mind or opinion, but to help build awareness of unconscious bias, cultural competence, or other barriers to diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and belonging. It can also motivate positive behaviors and attitudes and foster an environment where workers can feel comfortable bringing their full, authentic selves to work. DEI Training is not a stopping point and should underscore the importance of having a solid foundation of strategic priorities, consistent measurement and evaluation, and a clear alignment between organizational values and DEI goals. ADP does not endorse any training or teaching that compels an employee to believe any of the concepts listed in Florida HB 7....
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