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This MOOC is the first of its kind, since it addresses critical issues related to drugs from a multidisciplinary, health and human rights-based approach. Throughout the course you will cover a range of questions including what are drugs and why they controlled? What are the benefits and harms of taking drugs? How public health policies can address drug use? You will also learn about the intricacies of the international drug control framework and the negative consequences of widespread prohibitionist drug policies around the world. Finally, you will examine ways of furthering drug policy reform. The topics will be presented by over 40 speakers from scientific, academic and institutional backgrounds, spokespersons of civil society as well as people who use drugs presenting their views. By the end of the course you will have: - a strong understanding of the major health issues related to drug use and drug policy; - a clear vision of why drug policy is debated today; - and, if you so wish, you will be equipped to engage in the drug policy reform movement at your local or regional level....

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2020년 5월 15일

Fantastic course that outlines the challenges we face in regards to drug policy and confronting stereotypes about people who use drugs. I learned a lot that made me rethink my own perceptions.


2018년 12월 3일

Thanks so much for a very good course,more informative by hard for it

because got a little bit trouble with my language competency.But it's good to take a class.

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