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Many Deaf children around the world still leave school functionally illiterate. In some cases there is no allowance made for education of Deaf children at all. This 4 week course provides you with invaluable knowledge and skills about teaching Deaf children. You will learn about the importance of Deaf culture and community, the need for a language rich environment for the Deaf child from as young as possible, and that having access to sign language can help Deaf children academically, emotionally, and socially. We also cover various accommodations and modifications that you can apply in your classroom and learning environment to create an accessible learning experience for Deaf children. You will also find that a shift in attitude will enable you to connect with Deaf children with more understanding. This course does not teach sign language since each country has its own sign language. We hope that through this course you become an empowered teacher - for yourself, for your fellow teachers, and most importantly, for the Deaf children in your classroom. You will be able to purchase a Verified Certificate if you wish to show evidence of your achievements, but this is optional, and you may apply for Financial Aid if you are unable to pay the certificate fee....

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2020년 8월 6일

A great course, I really liked the approach they give, also you can learn about South African education and if you pay attention, you can also learn a few words in South African Sign Language.


2020년 5월 24일

This course was holistic, thorough and concise. It was just what I needed to keep me focused and motivated during this period. I am driven and inspired to get back to work. Thank you so much.

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