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This is a two week course. In the first week you will learn about the core activities that the Industry executes to bring electricity to customers. We will review what electricity is, how it is generated, how it is transmitted, how it comes into buildings, and how consumption of electricity instantly feeds back on the transmission and generation of electricity. You will learn to: Define what electricity is; Describe how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed; Describe how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed; and Summarize how the consumption of electric energy instantly feeds back on the transmission and generation of electricity. In the second week, the course shifts to the markets that drive Electric Industry operations. You will learn about the various costs of the electric industry’s core activities, how electricity is priced, the various ways that electric markets are structured, how these market structures determine which power plants are dispatched to produce electricity when, and how recent changes in generator fuel prices, generation technology, market regulations, and environmental regulations are transforming both Electric Industry Markets and Operations. You will learn to: Describe the main cost components to the electric system; Compare the costs of different types of power plants; Interpret the retail pricing of electricity; Explain the different types of electric markets and understand how they operate to dispatch electric supply to meet demand in real time; and Explain why and how the electric industry is regulated....

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2020년 8월 10일

Content was easy to follow and digest - it was a good refresher course for me as I've been in the industry for some time, but within the IT discipline. Learned some new things along the way too.


2020년 5월 5일

Great course with a superb faculty. Learnt a lot about the industry and market regulations of electricity.

Would really recommend this course to all who are interested in electric industry.

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