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This course gives you access to an exploration of physiological systems from the perspective of overall health and wellness. In particular, a focus on yoga, meditation and mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention in chronic illness and long term treatment. This course is intended for yoga practitioners and teachers, as well as college students and medical practitioners looking for a deeper understanding of the physiological benefits of yoga. The value of taking this course is to understand the impact that yoga can have on reducing stress, and aiding in healing or preventing physiological pathologies. Throughout this course, we will learn about different physiological systems and highlight yoga practices that can influence different systems and reduce pathology. Reading material will include analysis of scientific studies that have successfully utilized yoga practice as a tool for treatment of various illnesses such as: hypertension, stress, diabetes, insomnia, chronic pain and PTSD. In order to understanding these conditions, lectures will provide a complete understanding of the correlating physiological system. The weekly course assignment will include physiology lectures, a weekly yoga practice, suggested readings, and optional discussions for a total of 3-5 hours per week. The course will provide a tremendous amount of information and hands on experience for those interested in alternative health perspectives and a more in depth scientific understanding of this ancient healing method....

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2020년 2월 24일

In this course I have learned more about anatomy than my entire life and all yoga courses together. I can't enough recommend this course for any yoga level practice wether students or instructors!!


2020년 10월 25일

Excellent course, it tied together the physiology and yoga very well, the videos that showed how to do the poses and then reminded you what that pose was doing physiologically was very helpful.

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