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In a professional environment, we’re often faced with the need to respond appropriately according to what the situation calls for, whether it be related to situations in daily life or the workplace. This course was designed to provide the worker with linguistic tools which will enable greater ease in basic communications in the workplace. This way, the student will be able to broaden their lexical and grammatical repertoire in English, thus increasing their professional value and skill, and contributing to not only professional but also social mobility. The methodology of self-guided instruction will allow the student to manage their own study time, so that they can integrate coursework with the daily demands of their professional life at a rhythm adequate for their own learning process. More importantly, the course is held online, distributed massively, and accessible anywhere in the world through Coursera. En el contexto laboral frecuentemente enfrentamos la necesidad de interactuar de manera adecuada según la situación comunicativa lo amerite, ya sea, reaccionando a situaciones de la vida cotidiana o bien en el lugar de trabajo. Este curso fue diseñado para proporcionar al trabajador herramientas lingüísticas que permitan facilitar interacciones básicas comunes en el lugar de trabajo. De este modo, el estudiante podrá ampliar su inventario léxico y gramatical en el idioma inglés, aumentando así su valor profesional y su competencia laboral, contribuyendo no solo movilidad laboral sino que también social. La metodología auto-instruccional permitirá al estudiante gestionar su propio tiempo de estudio y podrá compatibilizarlo con las exigencias diarias del trabajo, a un ritmo que se adecúe a su proceso de aprendizaje individual. Aún más importante, el curso se dicta en modalidad online, en formato masivo, accesible en distintos lugares del mundo a través de la web de Coursera. This course’s objective is that students be able to utilize basic-level grammatical and lexical structures (CFER level A2) which will enable basic interactions common to the workplace in English. Este curso tiene como objetivo que los alumnos sean capaces de emplear estructuras gramaticales y léxico propios del nivel básico (MCER A2) que permitan facilitar interacciones básicas que son comunes en el lugar del trabajo en inglés. Course contents / Contenidos del curso: Module 1: Everyday Language on the Job • Grammar: present simple to be affirmative, negative question structure, all persons. • Vocabulary: professions / nationalities. • Indefinite article: a/an. • Expressions used when introducing yourself. • Grammar: present simple (I, you, he/she/it, we -- affirmative & negative). • Vocabulary: work routine verbs. • Review of adverbs of frequency. • Times of the day: In the morning /in the afternoon/ at night. Module 2: Making Phone Calls • Grammar: present simple (I, you, he/she/it, we --- questions and short answers). • Vocabulary: telephoning expressions. • Grammar: making suggestions • Vocabulary: numbers/dates • Dates in British English and American English Module 3: Preparing for meeting • Grammar: Going To. • Vocabulary: Flash Review of Cardinal Numbers 1-60. • Telling time. • Grammar: There is / There are • Prepositions of place • Vocabulary: Places around town Module 4: Post-meeting etiquette • Grammar: Past Simple (To Be). • Use of Past Tense of go with good/bad. • Vocabulary: Descriptive Adjectives (it was ...). • Grammar: Past Simple (regular verbs) • Vocabulary: Correspondence Verbs (w. common phrasal verbs)...

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2020년 8월 10일

I have been very happy with my experience using coursera It's was High-quality video and flexible time and it's free great for beginner and also refresh your English grammar.


2020년 10월 30일

The lectures were very simple and easy to follow. Also, it was good that the number of quizzes is only few because there are already practice questions in every lecture.

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