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The Entrepreneur's Guide for beginners and is a course created in collaboration with all Catalan public universities and EIT Health and aims to be the starting point for all those who want to improve their knowledge and skills in the world entrepreneurship. In this course you will be able to identify a business opportunity, develop the business model (and the steps to validate it) and know the main mechanisms to find your business. In addition, you will have the help of experts who will be there to help you resolve any questions that may arise during the course. Sign up!...

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2020년 8월 30일

A very important course that equips entrepreneurs with useful and relevant skills on how to invest wisely special thanks to Universitat de Barcelona for offering this course.


2022년 11월 1일

Thank you so much for the informative topic, I learned a lot and I am happy to learn such things that I will use it for the future.

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