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This course explores different time series business forecasting methods. The course covers a variety of business forecasting methods for different types of components present in time series data — level, trending, and seasonal. We will learn about the theoretical methods and apply these methods to business data using Microsoft Excel. These forecasting methods will be programmed into Microsoft Excel, displayed graphically, and we will optimise these models to produce accurate forecasts. We will compare different models and their forecasts to decide which model best suits our business' needs....

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2021년 7월 25일

The course content is just superb, and the way the faculty is teaching the course is just fantastic. I did not find any course on time series forecasting having such kind of conceptual clarity.


2021년 8월 25일

it was great course to build your time series models for business forecasting. Dr. Prashan was great, explained each topic very well.

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