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This course covers the essential exploratory techniques for summarizing data. These techniques are typically applied before formal modeling commences and can help inform the development of more complex statistical models. Exploratory techniques are also important for eliminating or sharpening potential hypotheses about the world that can be addressed by the data. We will cover in detail the plotting systems in R as well as some of the basic principles of constructing data graphics. We will also cover some of the common multivariate statistical techniques used to visualize high-dimensional data....

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2017년 9월 23일

Very good course! It provide me the foundation in learning how to plot and interpret data. This will definitely strengthen my "R programming" to generate publication type figure for my genomics data!


2016년 7월 28일

This is the second course I have taken from Roger Peng and both were outstanding. I have a strong math background, but not much of a background in stats, but this course was very approachable for me.

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