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Fashion design is about looking to the future to innovate for today, but it is important to understand the foundation of the design process. In this course, you will learn about technological developments in fashion design, 3D and digital printing, and artisanal design and craftsmanship. You’ll explore building your brand through design aesthetics, materials, silhouettes and fit. You’ll discover the importance of collaboration with other designers and how new modes of thinking and inspiration are integral to the design process. Finally, you’ll examine the future of fashion forecasting, and how the observation of trends, social movements, politics, environmentalism, and pop culture are crucial to building your brand strategy. In this course, you'll be learning from the following Parsons faculty and industry experts: - Gabi Asfour, Parsons Faculty, Founder & Creative Director, threeASFOUR - Keanan Duffty, Parsons Faculty - Susanna Moyer, Parsons Faculty - Joshua Williams, Parsons Faculty...

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2022년 9월 2일

I loved this course and found it very interesting! It is highly recommended; I learned so much information that went above and beyond the scope of fashion design.


2022년 2월 17일

I learnt so much from this course; from finding inspiration to defining shaps and silhoutte and sustainability of fashion. it is packed full.

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