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In this course, Parsons faculty and industry experts dive deep into the transformation of fashion retail. You’ll explore the fusion of retail and entertainment and the increasing importance of omnichannel client relationships. Through an examination of disruptive retail innovations, such as on-demand delivery and virtual reality, you’ll learn how industry leaders are keeping up with customer expectations. You’ll look at e-commerce strategies through the lens of listening to and applying customer feedback and how brands stay relevant in the direct-to-consumer marketplace. Finally, you’ll consider the post-COVID consumer and how e-commerce and remote clienteling can be leveraged within the fashion business to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. In this course, you'll be learning from the following Parsons faculty and industry experts: - Caryn Pang, Parsons Faculty, Senior Consultant - Ron Thurston, Author, RETAIL PRIDE - Keanan Duffty, Parsons Faculty - Patrick Klesius, Parsons Faculty, Enterprise Data Architecture & Analytics, David Yurman...

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2021년 12월 2일

As an experienced retail associate, and now manager, this course was engaging, and providing a different and progressive perspective on the future of fashion retail.


2021년 8월 14일

this course is amazing and it's help me understand about retailing much better than before!

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