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Each course in F4E offers key insights and knowledge you will be able to apply in real-life situations. You’ll test drive those insights through activities and assessments that will influence your key money Decisions, your participation in financial Markets, your experience in preserving or creating Value, and in managing Debt. These activities are designed to immerse you in financial thinking by giving you a safe environment for buying and selling and for making, creating, simulating, writing, and teaching. Each activity is a milestone in your learning process and each milestone has a product that will be part of your learning portfolio. The Capstone Project is the culmination of your F4E experience. It will engage you in a series of scaffolded and reflective exercises focused on a single aspect of the specialization selected by you to match your learning goals, and will help you create a piece of work that reflects your new knowledge and showcases your new skills for your employer, colleagues, friends and family....
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Finance for Everyone Capstone Project의 7개 리뷰 중 1~7

교육 기관: Jose P V M

2022년 1월 27일

교육 기관: Daniel V

2021년 12월 13일

교육 기관: Maikol T

2022년 1월 29일

교육 기관: Edward(Zhiyu) Z

2021년 8월 30일

교육 기관: Rebecca H

2020년 1월 5일

교육 기관: Kenneth N G

2022년 1월 31일

교육 기관: Roberto B

2022년 1월 30일