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In Value, you will explore the most powerful generator of value in the world – ideas. Ideas are the engines of productivity, both in the private and public sectors. You will learn about the universal frameworks that determine how ideas and money interact, leading to the allocation of financial resources. We will identify components of cash flow for any project, business or venture as the most essential ingredients of value. We also assess the investment techniques used to give life to some ideas while killing others. This course will help you understand pricing, diversification, uncertainty and even behavioural approaches to dealing with risk. Using Nobel Prize-winning insights, you will learn how to measure the size of the risk premium and build valuation models. We’ll even connect evidence-based science with common-sense analysis to give you better tools for understanding why values are what they are, and for positioning yourself more effectively to participate in financial markets. You will be immersed in case based learning to integrate some of the powerful frameworks introduced in Value....

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2020년 11월 30일

Very lucid explanations for complex ideas. Prof Ahmad have really made this course immensely interesting to revisit the topics.


2020년 7월 24일

It was a great course to have insights into how to value a project in industry. Everything is explained in a great way.

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