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An overview of the ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise. Emphasis on financially-savvy leadership skills. Description of practices today and analysis of prospects for the future. Introduction to risk management and behavioral finance principles to understand the real-world functioning of securities, insurance, and banking industries. The ultimate goal of this course is using such industries effectively and towards a better society....

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2021년 10월 25일

This course is so useful to know about finance in depth it gives more examples about the finance . It help to make more decision in finance market. It also motivate students to attract towards finance


2020년 8월 19일

Curso perfeito em todos os aspectos, me introduziu ao mercado financeiro e me fez querer escolher essa área para atuar. Robert Shiller merece o posto de maiores economistas que temos, pessoa incrível.

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