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Fires impact people, property and the environment in all countries around the world. In some cases, the resulting losses are extraordinary, causing hundreds of deaths, widespread damage to property and contents and significant impacts on the environment. More often, fires may cause a single casualty or affect a single home, though the effects are still highly significant to those affected and collectively are substantial. This course will provide an overview of the challenges posed by fire as well as the fire safety solutions that are available to meet those challenges....

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2020년 3월 13일

The course is designed in a brilliant manner so that everybody can understand it in a very efficient manner. The course content is right on the spot and the topics are explained in nice manner.


2020년 1월 27일

☼ A very comprehensive review, on a topic I did not know enough about! Great course. Especially for those who live in Australia or California and want to understand fires better.

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