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While most specializations on Coursera conclude with a project-based course, students in the "Fundamentals of Computing" specialization have completed more than 20+ projects during the first six courses of the specialization. Given that much of the material in these courses is reused from session to session, our goal in this capstone class is to provide a conclusion to the specialization that allows each student an opportunity to demonstrate their individual mastery of the material in the specialization. With this objective in mind, the focus in this Capstone class will be an exam whose questions are updated periodically. This approach is designed to help insure that each student is solving the exam problems on his/her own without outside help. For students that have done their own work, we do not anticipate that the exam will be particularly hard. However, those students who have relied too heavily on outside help in previous classes may have a difficult time. We believe that this approach will increase the value of the Certificate for this specialization....

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2017년 4월 23일

The exam really covers all material in the course. Prepare yourself by reviewing all materials, especially on graphs, dynamic programming, and algorithm complexity.


2017년 2월 11일

Great Exam :D , this is an excellent specialization frankly, I highly recommended If you have zero idea about this domain.

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