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In this course, you will gain an introduction to the basic terminology and concepts in the field, along with an overview of the development cycle from identification and cultivation through stewardship and recognition. You will learn how to develop a case for support, identify and assess prospective donors, match a donor’s interests and needs with your organization’s mission and goals, recognize planned giving benefits to your donors, structure a successful solicitation, and respond to ethical dilemmas. You’ll also examine career opportunities in the field, along with contemporary issues and trends confronting today’s fundraising managers. Throughout the course you’ll gain hands-on practice developing an array of written products for your fundraising and development portfolio....

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2020년 12월 22일

This is one of the best courses which has given me all the basic information. I have also started the advanced courses which are related to fundraising and development offered by UC Davis.


2020년 5월 27일

Not only this course is interesting and covers everything you need to know, but this is also very operational and you can use it right away in real life. I highly recommend it.

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