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Data is one of an organization’s most valuable commodities. But how can organizations best use their data? And how does the organization determine which data is the most recent, accurate, and useful for business decision making at the highest level? After taking this course, you will be able to describe different kinds of repositories including data marts, data lakes, and data reservoirs, and explain their functions and uses. A data warehouse is a large repository of data that has been cleaned to a consistent quality. Not all data repositories are used in the same way or require the same rigor when choosing what data to store. Data warehouses are designed to enable rapid business decision making through accurate and flexible reporting and data analysis. A data warehouse is one of the most fundamental business intelligence tools in use today, and one that successful Data Engineers must understand. You will also be able to describe how data warehouses serve a single source of data truth for organization’s current and historical data. Organizations create data value using analytics and business intelligence applications. Now that you have experienced the ELT process, gain hands-on analytics and business intelligence experience using IBM Cognos and its reporting, dashboard features including visualization capabilities. Finally, you will complete a shareable final project that enables you to demonstrate the skills you acquired in each module....

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