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Many traditional enterprises use legacy systems and applications that often struggle to achieve the scale and speed needed to meet modern customer expectations. Business leaders and IT decision makers constantly have to choose between maintenance of legacy systems and investing in innovative new products and services. This course explores the challenges of an outdated IT infrastructure and how businesses can modernize it using cloud technology. It begins by exploring the different compute options available in the cloud and the benefits of each, before turning to application modernization and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The course also considers a range of Google Cloud solutions that can help businesses to better develop and manage their systems, such as Compute Engine, App Engine, and Apigee....

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2020년 8월 14일

The course helped me to understand the way I can move to cloud platforms with more ease . The cloud infrastructure eases our job but the usage must be utilized and completely monitored.


2020년 8월 28일

Very well explained. Easy to grasp and understand with examples. Very useful in the business objectives of a start-up I am planning using Google products

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