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在你的职业生涯中,你是需使用英文的商务执行主管或是经理吗 ? 那么你知道要有良好的商务英文沟通能力是需要有专注力、字汇和运用特定的语言语法。在本课程中,你将跟着刚升迁的经理来了解她如何建立和领导出成功的团队。同时,你会将用英文来练习沟通的语言和方式,并用于以下的需求情况: ● 以诚信和尊重来召聘和训练专业的团队共同合作 ● 管理及参与有条理的会议 ● 召开有效率的电话会议 ● 书写专业也易懂的电子邮件 本课程的活动将提供机会来分享你的经验和接收来自全世界其他专业商务人士的回馈。 Are you a business executive or a manager who uses English in your career? Then you know that good business communication in English requires focus, vocabulary, and specific linguistic structures. In this course, you will follow along a recently promoted manager as she builds and leads her team to success. Together, you will practice the language and styles of communication needed in English for: • Recruiting and training a professional team to work together with integrity and respect • Managing and participating in well-organized meetings • Making telephone conferences more efficient • Writing professional emails that are easy to read The activities in this course will give you the opportunity to share your experience and receive immediate feedback from other business professionals around the world....

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2018년 3월 19일

I've learned the skills which are tell us how to get along with coworks, I was very impressed with teacher Jenny's smile, I strongly recommend this specialization to my friends.


2020년 3월 1일

Very useful course, and I recommended to the people who want to lean Management & Leadership of Business English.

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