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This course is for novice programmers or business people who would like to understand the core tools used to wrangle and analyze big data. With no prior experience, you will have the opportunity to walk through hands-on examples with Hadoop and Spark frameworks, two of the most common in the industry. You will be comfortable explaining the specific components and basic processes of the Hadoop architecture, software stack, and execution environment. In the assignments you will be guided in how data scientists apply the important concepts and techniques such as Map-Reduce that are used to solve fundamental problems in big data. You'll feel empowered to have conversations about big data and the data analysis process....

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2016년 1월 31일

I'm forced to give 5 stars. I don't want to have a certification on a poor quality course (another coursera mistake). This material needs tremendous amount of work to get finished and revised.


2020년 5월 15일

Learned about Hadoop Ecosystem, limitations of map-reduce approach and Spark as a solution to overcome some of limitations.Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate in this MOOC.

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