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IBM 기술 네트워크의 Hands-on Introduction to Linux Commands and Shell Scripting 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course provides a practical introduction to Linux and commonly used Linux / UNIX shell commands. It teaches you the basics of Bash shell scripting to automate a variety of tasks. The course includes both video-based lectures as well as hands-on labs to practice and apply what you learn. You will have no-charge access to a virtual Linux server that you can access through your web browser, so you don't need to download and install anything to perform the labs. You will learn how to interact with the Linux Terminal, execute commands, navigate directories, edit files, as well as install and update software. You will work with general purpose commands like id, date, uname, ps, top, echo, man; directory management commands such as pwd, cd, mkdir, rmdir, find, df; file management commands like cat, wget, more, head, tail, cp, mv, touch, tar, zip, unzip; access control command chmod; text processing commands - wc, grep, tr; as well as networking commands - hostname, ping, ifconfig and curl. You will create simple to more advanced shell scripts that involve Metacharacters, Quoting, Variables, Command substitution, I/O Redirection, Pipes & Filters, and Command line arguments. You will also schedule cron jobs using crontab. This course is ideal for data engineers, data scientists, software developers, DevOps professionals, and cloud practitioners who want to get familiar with frequently used commands on Linux, MacOS and other Unix-like operating systems as well as get started with creating shell scripts....

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2022년 3월 19일

Excellent course. I feel way more confident on scripting now. The clarity of the Ai instructor and the visuals were great. Well put together course. Thank you and Cheers!


2022년 3월 27일

It is a well-paced course which starts from teaching the basics and builds up to some advanced subjects. It is to the point and the final assignment is really good.

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