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Course Overview: Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine are two distinct medical systems, yet they both aim at the prevention and treatment of human diseases. With this in mind, we should understand the practice of Chinese Medicine in the context of Modern Medicine. In this course, we explore the basic theories underlying the practice of Chinese Medicine, compare and contrast the use of Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine in Preventive Health, and discuss how to restore a healthy condition and understand the pharmacological basis of different types of Chinese tonifying herbs. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -              state the important Chinese Medicine literature from 5th century B.C. to 16th century A.D. -              describe and interpret basic Chinese Medicine theories -              apply the basic Chinese Medicine theories (such as the balance between Yin and Yang and the interaction among organs) to restore a healthy condition -              compare and contrast the use of Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine in Preventive Health -              explain how the balance of Yang/Qi and/or Yin/Blood can be restored by using Chinese tonifying herbs -              adapt the Chinese Medicine concepts by reviewing the contemporary researches on pharmacological activities in Chinese tonifying herbs...

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2022년 7월 25일

Excellent course, excellent introduction on the subject, Professor Ko is excellent and friendly, I'd like to have intermediate and specialized courses from this same speaker offered on Coursera.


2019년 5월 24일

Great class. This was a unique class in that it explained the scientific background of TCM concepts. I really enjoyed this perspective since it is not information that is commonly available.

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