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In this course you will receive an overview of the health IT ecosystem with a specific focus on the role of electronic health records (EHRs). You’ll be introduced to the factors that contributed to the move from paper records to digitized records and who the most common vendors are. We’ll go over features of EHRs such as computerized provider order entry, clinical decision support, documentation capabilities, and medication reconciliation. Like a physician’s stethoscope, the EHR has become an important tool in healthcare delivery and plays a part throughout the patient’s journey. You’ll go through each of the steps from patient scheduling, to front desk registration, outpatient visits, emergency room encounters, and inpatient admissions. During the course, we’ll also cover examples of how technical issues related to the EHR can be as simple as problems with logging or password resets. But how they can also be more complex related to alerts that are firing and the display of information. Although some of those challenges are beyond the scope of the IT support staff, having familiarity with the scope of potential problems and the broader EHR landscape is important. This course also includes an introduction to database architecture, servers, and interfaces. We wrap up by discussing the importance of training end-users on healthcare technology and the way in which effective change management strategies are crucial....

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2021년 11월 6일

This is a nice course for you to learn Health Information Technology Fundamentals. You can also get an overview of Software Security, Authentication, Databases and customer services.


2022년 5월 8일

I enjoyed learning about Electronic Health Records. The course was fun, very educational and informative. Instructors did a great job with lectures.

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