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Career prospects are bright for those qualified to work in healthcare data analytics. Perhaps you work in data analytics, but are considering a move into healthcare where your work can improve people’s quality of life. If so, this course gives you a glimpse into why this work matters, what you’d be doing in this role, and what takes place on the Path to Value where data is gathered from patients at the point of care, moves into data warehouses to be prepared for analysis, then moves along the data pipeline to be transformed into valuable insights that can save lives, reduce costs, to improve healthcare and make it more accessible and affordable. Perhaps you work in healthcare but are considering a transition into a new role. If so, this course will help you see if this career path is one you want to pursue. You’ll get an overview of common data models and their uses. You’ll learn how various systems integrate data, how to ensure clear communication, measure and improve data quality. Data analytics in healthcare serves doctors, clinicians, patients, care providers, and those who carry out the business of improving health outcomes. This course of study will give you a clear picture of data analysis in today’s fast-changing healthcare field and the opportunities it holds for you....

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2019년 6월 28일

Healthcare Data Models is a great course that elaborately exposed various models relevant for healthcare data analysis.

Doug did a very good job.


2019년 10월 3일

Very well developed, simple and to the point. Highly recommended for doctors and healthcare IT professionals.

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