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In the final course of the Healthcare IT Support program, we will focus on the types of healthcare data that you need to be aware, complexities of security and privacy within healthcare, and issues related to compliance and reporting. As a health IT support specialist, you’ll be exposed to different types of data sources and data elements that are utilized in healthcare. It’s important for you to understand the basic language of healthcare data and for you to recognize the sensitive nature of protected health information (PHI). Maintaining data privacy and security is everyone’s responsibility, including IT support staff! We’ll go into detail about HIPAA and the risks associated with security breaches, ransomware and phishing. We’ll go into detail about some of the key laws and regulations specific to healthcare and the importance of compliance with them. You'll leave this course well versed on the Stark Law, the Joint Commission and the purpose of quality measures. We wrap up the Healthcare IT Support certificate with tips on job interviews, skills that can make you standout, and words of advice on the endless possibilities in this dynamic and growing field. Make sure you talk to others who’ve been there before about the process of being hired at a large health system. Be rest assured that you’ll receive training when you start a new role, and you might even be partnered with someone else for the first few weeks as you get onboarded. Remember, this is not the end--rather, it’s just the beginning of the next step in your journey!...

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2020년 11월 20일

Learned about the laws and Quality Measures..

firs time to learn about the quality measures thus worth the time


2022년 3월 31일

informative - straight to the point with actionable information that can be immediately applied.

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