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Welcome to the exciting world of Healthcare Delivery Providers! This second course in the Healthcare Marketplace Specialization will help you understand the various providers of healthcare across the U.S. delivery continuum. We will explore the unique value proposition of the various providers- from hospitals and clinics to physicians to community based providers. We will dissect this important value chain using various lenses such as- site of care delivery, people who provide the care and payers who pay for care. You will also learn about the challenges facing these providers and the innovations they are creating in order to help transform this important industry. I will use readings such as a case study and videos to make this learning more experiential for you, so that you can see and feel the world of healthcare delivery. I will also explain the various acronyms and specialized terms used in healthcare, so that you become more proficient and familiar with the language. Given the fact that Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the U.S. and growing at an rapid pace, it is critical that current and future leaders understand the internal and external drivers that are shaping this industry. Current and future leaders will need to constantly innovate in order to sustain this industry into the future- by creating value for the end customer and the entire population, as well as increasing engagement of the humans who work within this industry. Get ready to take a deep dive into the complex ocean that is U.S. healthcare delivery- and make sure your oxygen tank is securely fastened!...

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2018년 1월 4일

Course has great information and develops solid basic concepts, especially for beginners like me. Sometime I felt instructor was over explaining and too verbose. I finished whole course on 1.5x speed.


2017년 1월 2일

A very comprehensive and informative course with great examples, illustrations and meaningful explanations from Dr. Koranne. It is a great module that I would definitely encourage all to take.

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