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As the fastest-growing sectors of the current global economy, both hospitality and healthcare services sector offer tremendous growth opportunities for incumbents and entrepreneurial opportunities for new entrants. To flourish on these opportunities, one must first understand each industry's unique characteristics. This course is designed to help those who are interested in career advancement opportunities in these industries or who want to be inspired by these industries to better equip themselves with enlightened and creative management capabilities. People who have successfully completed this course will be able to: (1) Identify the unique characteristics of service businesses and create successful management strategies to better manage the role of customers to gain desirable business outcomes, better market products than are intangible, and better manage customer expectations and perceptions. (2) Identify the unique characteristics of the hospitality industry, explain the process of balancing supply and demand in the hospitality industry, and implement optimal marketing and management strategies for this unique market. (3) Identify the unique characteristics of the healthcare industry, explain how this industry is evolving into the experience business, and better manage human interactions and facility to enhance the quality of customer experience. (4) Gain insights from the innovative approaches in the service industry overall, in hospitality and health industry in particular, and better develop innovative strategies in your industry....

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2021년 7월 25일

this course made me have a better understanding of the hospitality and healthcare field. The lecturer was very good in explaining and giving examples to give clearer understanding. Thank you!


2020년 6월 18일

It's a great course with helpful fundamental knowledge. The lecture, presentation are designed friendly, it's easy for me to follow up the lesson and understand all given information.

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