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This course aims to help high school students, recent graduates, and those considering career transitions explore health care career options and learn strategies for entry into the health care workforce and health related fields. There are lots of amazing job opportunities in medicine and healthcare! Join us, as we share the strategies and secrets for getting those jobs. This course will introduce you to healthcare professions, help you map a path towards a health career, and impart skills relevant for any career, including: articulating your personal story, resume and cover letter writing, job search, interviewing, professional networking, and professional communications. In this course, you will hear the personal stories, experiences, and journeys of dozens of people who work in health related careers. You will also have the opportunity to connect with a supportive community of students, mentors, and health care professionals to explore your interests, find resources, and discover exciting new opportunities. The course features more than 50 different guests and lecturers, including Northwestern University faculty from Feinberg School of Medicine; the Kellogg School of Management; the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications; the School of Professional Studies; Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences; and the School of Communication. The course is also a resource and tool through which educators, parents, career counselors and others can support students’ career readiness and professional advancement....

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2016년 9월 12일

I took this course, because I'm an CNA and a CHHA. I want to become an RN, and this course runs down everyone's job in Healthcare. It's been very interesting to see every job in the healthcare field.


2021년 2월 14일

Informative, decisive and emotional lessons. I like the way they share many healthcare workers' testimonies that inspire me to search for my career path in the future.

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