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Biostatistics is an essential skill for every public health researcher because it provides a set of precise methods for extracting meaningful conclusions from data. In this second course of the Biostatistics in Public Health Specialization, you'll learn to evaluate sample variability and apply statistical hypothesis testing methods. Along the way, you'll perform calculations and interpret real-world data from the published scientific literature. Topics include sample statistics, the central limit theorem, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and p values....

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2022년 5월 5일

This course astonishingly improved my ability in interpreting scientific paper results related to public health. Highly recommended. Thanks in advance to Dr. McGready for being such a great instructor


2020년 5월 21일

You have to use outside sources and practice questions to really understand the material. This course makes you think and demands that you know the information. It was a great class. Thank you.

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