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Every business and organization is facing new challenges with their data. Pressures related to regulation and compliance, leveraging AI, spanning multicloud environments, and increasing volumes of inaccessible data are forcing executives and administrators to either modernize their infrastructures or become obsolete. But moving to the latest technology in a monolithic architecture is a tempting solution that can be expensive and cause more problems than it solves. In this course, you learn how to meet the needs of all your data consumers through the construction of a modern logical topology that helps you optimize data flow....

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2021년 1월 10일

Effective information about designing a data topology, that is highly scalable across projects and organisations.


2020년 12월 2일

Very good course on data flow architecture with proper framework and methodology talked

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2021년 1월 11일

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2020년 12월 3일

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2020년 8월 25일

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2020년 8월 1일

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2021년 3월 18일

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2020년 6월 21일