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In this, the third Content Strategy course, participants will learn actionable ways to grow internal and external audiences. They will deepen their understanding about those target individuals and will use a host of known and emerging tools and social networks to meaningfully reach them. As its name makes clear, this course will expand your content's impact and reach. You will begin by learning how to utilize content trends to jump-start your organization's influence. You'll also look at how to engage with multi-channel digital communities across all social media. Finally, you'll hear about some of the best ways to enhance your content with new interactivity tools and gamification. In this information age, every organization depends on its employees and those it serves to understand where it is going and what advances the organization has made. Content Strategy will enable you to tell your important stories with far greater impact and to a large, more valuable audience. Guest lecturers in this course include: -- Randy Hlavac, Lecturer, Medill, Northwestern (and lead professor of the Social Media Marketing Specialization also on Coursera) -- Emily Withrow, Assistant Professor, Medill, Northwestern...

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2019년 8월 13일

Randy and the team are brilliant. I am redoing this entire specialization to remain engaged with the content. Great work Randy and Northwestern!


2018년 8월 28일

This is the most informative so far. Lots of ideas and techniques for cost-effectively working with different popular social media platforms.

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