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This course aims to introduce learners to advanced visualization techniques beyond the basic charts covered in Information Visualization: Fundamentals. These techniques are organized around data types to cover advance methods for: temporal and spatial data, networks and trees and textual data. In this module we also teach learners how to develop innovative techniques in D3.js. Learning Goals Goal: Analyze the design space of visualization solutions for various kinds of data visualization problems. Learn what designs are available for a given problem and what are their respective advantages and disadvantages. - Temporal - Spatial - Spatio-Temporal - Networks - Trees - Text This is the fourth course in the Information Visualization Specialization. The course expects you to have some basic knowledge of programming as well as some basic visualization skills (as those introduced in the first course of the specialization)....

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2018년 11월 14일

Excellent course; the topics discussed here are essential for learning about complex / multi-faceted data visualisations.


2019년 9월 8일

great course. helped me understand the concepts involved in a 'scientific' rather than 'art'.

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