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If you have taken the three courses in this specialization, you have learned a lot of grammar in the last few months. This will be a big help to your studies or your career. This capstone project will help you process what you've learned and help you remember it forever. You will create a grammar scrapbook of the difficult or interesting English grammatical structures that you studied in the specialization. You will choose a multi-media tool of your choice, such as video or e-book, to showcase proper use of the grammar. You will also give authentic examples of the grammar found in articles, movies, or songs to make the scrapbook interesting. This will be a scrapbook that you can keep with you long after this specialization ends....

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2019년 1월 18일

Gracias. Ha sido una maravillosa experiencia.

Thank you. It has been a wonderful experience.

Merci Ce fut une expérience merveilleuse.


2018년 10월 31일

Thanks for this nice course. I learned more things by this course. I was hate Grammar but now I like it because I learned. Thanks

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