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This course provides an introduction to International Organizations and the United Nations, and explores how business and management tools can be applied in these settings to achieve better, more effective results. With a focus on cross-sector partnerships in a changing world, the course offers you insights into the inner workings of international organizations and the challenges they face today. It will introduce you to effective, state-of-the art management tools and principles to help you lead change in this world – taught by senior staff of international organizations themselves. This is an introductory course offered by the International Organizations MBA (IO-MBA) of the University of Geneva, an executive program for change-makers in international organizations, NGOs and social ventures....

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2020년 7월 5일

This is definite one of the most interesting g course I have ever taken. The instructors are well grounded in the field with lots of experience in International Development and United Nations system.


2022년 5월 13일

It's an amazing journey with you all. Starting with the introduction by Julian Fleet to the last beautifully taken by Claudia and Cassandra. Thanks a lot. This indeed was an insightful one. Thank you

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2020년 8월 12일

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2018년 8월 27일

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2020년 3월 6일

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2019년 4월 3일

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2019년 2월 16일

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2020년 5월 3일

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2019년 6월 1일

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2018년 8월 3일

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2020년 6월 7일

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2020년 8월 6일

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2019년 5월 20일

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2020년 7월 6일

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2019년 5월 12일

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2020년 1월 16일

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2020년 8월 25일

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2021년 7월 18일

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2019년 11월 28일

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2019년 5월 26일

교육 기관: Paulina H

2022년 5월 5일

교육 기관: Jesutofunmi D A

2022년 5월 14일

교육 기관: MD. R A

2018년 10월 7일