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This course presents an overview of the major domains of abnormal psychology. The course is made up of 5 modules, the first of which provides an introduction to the field through discussions of the concept of psychological abnormality, assessment and classification, and the major models in use for understanding psychological abnormality. The remaining four modules provide overviews of major domains of abnormal psychology, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, stress and trauma-related disorders, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Lectures within each of these modules address symptoms and behaviors, epidemiology, causal theories, treatment interventions and multicultural findings and considerations. The course also seeks to assist participants with becoming more adept at noticing when a family member, friend, or colleague may be experiencing psychological distress, as well as develop the comfort level required for initiating an empathic, compassionate conversation with a person of concern. Toward this goal, the last lecture of each module is dedicated to the topic “Foundations of Empathy.” This course is not designed to assist participants with resolving their own experiences of psychopathology, nor it is intended to prepare participants to act as psychotherapists for distressed individuals in their personal lives....

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2021년 9월 30일

A really well thought thought course that benefitted me tremendously in understanding abnormal psychology. I look forward to learning more from the faculty members. Thank you once again!


2022년 9월 25일

I have always been fascinated with different psychological disorders and trying to better understand them. The material was easy to understand and kept my attention.

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