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At first glance the fields of religion and ecology may seem and unlikely pairing, but a deeper consideration reveals the two have a great deal to contribute to one another and are indeed inextricably linked. Religions recognize the unity and interdependence of humans with nature. Ecological sciences affirm this deep interconnection with the natural world. This partnership can inspire work for the wellbeing of the Earth community
 There is a need for broader literacy and deeper knowledge of the world’s religions and their ecological contributions. This specialization, starting with this course, contributes such a perspective. Each course celebrates the vitality of religiously-informed action for the Earth and recognizes the longstanding contributions of Indigenous peoples in offering visions and practices for ecological flourishing. This course is part one of the "Religions and Ecology: Restoring the Earth Community" series of classes that focuses on the ecological dimensions of religious traditions throughout the world. The course you are about to begin is designed as a gateway to the other classes. It describes the nature of religion as well as the emergence of the field of ecology. In addition, it highlights concerns for forestry issues, the climate emergency, global ethics, and environmental justice. This course is for lifelong learners curious to know more about world religions and ecology, environmental professionals eager to deepen the discourse of environmental protection and conservation, those working with non-profit organizations and NGOs on issues of ecological justice, and religion leaders and laity who wish to know how they can contribute to interreligious dialogue on environmental projects....

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2022년 3월 6일

I loved the content of the course. I am falling in love with this field of study, Religions and Ecology and I hope that this course will continue to inspire many people.


2022년 7월 27일

I loved this curse. It kept my interest, had great resources, inspiring video and the lectures were easyto follow.

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