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In this course, you will be introduced to databases and explore the modern ways in which they are used. Learn to distinguish between different types of database management systems then practice basic creation and data selection with the use of Structured Query Language (SQL) commands. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: - Demonstrate a working knowledge of the concepts and principles that underpin how databases work - Identify and explain the different types of core technology and management systems used in databases - Identify and interpret basic SQL statements and commands - Manipulate records in a database with the use of SQL statements and commands - Outline alternatives to SQL - and plan and design a simple relational database system You’ll also gain experience with the following: • Fundamental concepts in database • Basic MySQL syntax and commands • Database management systems • MySQL software • Relational databases...

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2022년 9월 1일

Well detailed course, I thought this topic was going to be hard to learn. But the teacher explained it well. Anyway, I enjoy this course, because I learned a lot from it. Thank you Coursera and Meta.


2022년 8월 28일

This course is so much better than Introduction to Data Analytics. The guidance is clear and the instructor speaks at a very good pace.

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