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In this class, Introduction to Designing Data Lakes on AWS, we will help you understand how to create and operate a data lake in a secure and scalable way, without previous knowledge of data science! Starting with the "WHY" you may want a data lake, we will look at the Data-Lake value proposition, characteristics and components. Designing a data lake is challenging because of the scale and growth of data. Developers need to understand best practices to avoid common mistakes that could be hard to rectify. In this course we will cover the foundations of what a Data Lake is, how to ingest and organize data into the Data Lake, and dive into the data processing that can be done to optimize performance and costs when consuming the data at scale. This course is for professionals (Architects, System Administrators and DevOps) who need to design and build an architecture for secure and scalable Data Lake components. Students will learn about the use cases for a Data Lake and, contrast that with a traditional infrastructure of servers and storage....

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2021년 2월 11일

A very good first introductory course to data lakes and how to implement them using AWS services.


2022년 3월 22일

Exactly beneficial for those who are seeking to understand the basics of data analytics services

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