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Welcome to Introduction to Front-End Development, the first course in the Meta Front-End Developer program. This course is a good place to start if you want to become a web developer. You will learn about the day-to-day responsibilities of a web developer and get a general understanding of the core and underlying technologies that power the internet. You will learn how front-end developers create websites and applications that work well and are easy to maintain. You’ll be introduced to the core web development technologies like HTML and CSS and get opportunities to practice using them. You will also be introduced to modern UI frameworks such as Bootstrap and React that make it easy to create interactive user experiences. By the end of the course, you will be able to: - Describe the front-end developer role - Explain the core and underlying technologies that power the internet - Use HTML to create a simple webpage - Use CSS to control the appearance of a simple webpage - Explain what React is - Describe the applications and characteristics of the most popular UI frameworks For the final project in this course, you will create and edit a webpage using HTML and the Bootstrap CSS framework. Using a responsive layout grid, you will construct a responsive webpage containing text and images that looks great on any size screen. This is a beginner course intended for learners eager to learn the fundamentals of web development. To succeed in this course, you do not need prior web development experience, only basic internet navigation skills and an eagerness to get started with coding....

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2022년 11월 1일

The example given in each video was very helpful in understanding how things work on the internet.

Overall experience was great as it was basically about basics and introduction to web development.


2022년 9월 20일

Honestly, pretty solid course. A lot of people were saying this course isn't for beginners but I would strongly disagree. I think the difficulty is FAIR, and really gets your brain thinking logically.

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