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Juniper Networks의 Introduction to the Juniper Contrail Networking Solution 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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This course will introduce you to Juniper Networks Contrail Networking (CN2) , a cloud-native SDN solution for intelligent networking and security for Telco and IT cloud. You will learn about the concepts of a virtual network, underlays and overlays, as well as tunneling protocols such as VXLAN. The course will explore Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) approaches. You will learn about cloud-native Contrail Networking architecture and integration with orchestrations systems such as Kubernetes. Navigating the Contrail user interface and Contrail’s advanced networking features to create Kubernetes custom networks and multi-interface Pods will also be explored....

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Introduction to the Juniper Contrail Networking Solution의 4개 리뷰 중 1~4

교육 기관: Sunil R

2022년 9월 16일

교육 기관: Hiromi T

2022년 5월 29일

교육 기관: Jitendra J

2022년 7월 29일

교육 기관: ROHITH R

2022년 7월 24일