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This course is the last course in this specialization before its capstone experience where you, the learner will launch your business. Consider all the activities associated with the final preparation for a NASA launch before the final countdown takes place. Those are the type of activities with respect to launching a business that will be covered in this course. The goal of the course is for you to have a document that details all the actions you need to take, and all the things that you need to think about before launching your business, with instructions on how to do those actions and how to thing about those things. Specifically the course will provide you with five benefits or outcomes. First your attitude will be finely focused and tuned to the mindset concepts covered in course one that are likely to have the greatest impact on your business launch. Second in a similar fashion you will become keenly aware of those aspects of your business that directly impact its ability to create and deliver value on day one; and have actions plans to address each aspect. With your 'mind right' and your 'business right' the third and fourth outcomes of the course are actions plans to get your 'market connections' right. The course will allow you to explore strategies and tactics to engage the market, communication your message, and generate sales; and select those which give you the best opportunity to learn and establish a foundation for growth. Finally the course will walk you through a final checklist of operational issues that will allow you to enter the capstone course and your business launch ready to go on day one. Throughout the course we have emphasized the importance of market engagement, allowing the market to provide feedback that sharpens your business and maximizes its chances for success. As with the entire specialization the feedback you will get through the peer review assignments for this course and the capstone course are an invaluable opportunity for for such engagement....
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