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일리노이대학교 어버너-섐페인캠퍼스의 Leadership and Influence 학습자 리뷰 및 피드백

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The only thing you get to change is yourself, and in the prerequisites to this course we’ve given you real tools to do that. Now, use those tools to influence the course of your future, your team's future, and your organization's future. Make a plan for yourself that will help you help others, and learn skills to make it happen. Listening and being sure of your values underpins everything that comes with professional influencer and leadership soft skills. We’ll go on to look at self-assessment and leadership planning, negotiation, addressing and resolving conflict, and successfully identifying and promoting circumstances you want. After this course, you will be able to: - state your own mission and plan with confidence - negotiate and persuade - deal with difficult people - contribute to crafting a working environment you want to work in The prerequisites for this course are Courses One and Two of the Specialization "Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work"....
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Leadership and Influence의 10개 리뷰 중 1~10

교육 기관: Abha T

2018년 7월 4일

All topics have been elaborated and discussed perfectly. Initially I was scared that how I would be able to manage time but once I joined I never felt that way. A four week course with lots of personality enhancing ideas at workplace will make you feel like fun while studying. Dr.C. K. Gunsalus is one the best speaker In the world. And she has put her best in all lectures available. Whatever she has explained in this course about leadership, anyone can see and feel it into his/her day to day life.

교육 기관: Bernard D V

2020년 7월 17일

Excellent course and great specialisation. This specialisation is getting better and better courses after courses and it deserves much more attention.

The only issue is that due to the fact that there is not a lot of people, you will sometimes have to wait for a long time before getting your grade. I have waited for more than a month to be graded for some assignment.

교육 기관: Mahammad N

2020년 3월 20일

Very impressive course, thanks for everything

교육 기관: MONICA C Q

2019년 12월 4일

I love it, was a greatefull expirence!!

교육 기관: Phan C D

2017년 8월 8일

I learnt something new from this course!

교육 기관: Lisa B

2017년 12월 11일

Love it!

교육 기관: muhammed A

2021년 9월 15일

Awesome course to take if you are just starting out with managing projects and people

교육 기관: Walter S

2018년 11월 18일

The course has great leadership content and a wealth of experience is shared for the students. I also appreciated the case studies and analysis of real-life scenarios. This course is part of a subscription and I completed all of the work, but did not receive a certificate because too few students were enrolled. This flaw in the grading scheme drove the 2 star rating.

교육 기관: chaimae h

2020년 8월 29일

please i just finished the courses but not yet getting my certification what should i do

교육 기관: Viola B

2022년 2월 7일

Too much sliding with the timetable.