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Interviews in organizations constitute a cornerstone of talent selection and promotion practices. One of the key goals of the interview process is to understand how you would approach a variety of leadership challenges at work, given your knowledge, expertise, and prior work experience. Within the context of this interview, your primary objective for the capstone assignment is to use content from the specialization to demonstrate your knowledge of key leadership skills. The benefits of incorporating the specialization content into your interview responses extend well beyond the Leading People and Teams Specialization. Thinking about your past work experiences using the concepts, tools, and frameworks you learned in the specialization will enable you to reflect more deeply on your past actions and their outcomes. Furthermore, we selected questions for the mock interview from actual job interviews. In other words, in your future interviews, it is likely you will be asked similar questions. Thus, by working through the capstone, you will be investing in your own interview preparation and increasing the likelihood of performing well in your future interviews....

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2020년 11월 19일

I rarely rate courses, but this one was really great. The instructors present the information in an easy to understand way and peer graded assignments help you solidify what you have learned.


2017년 7월 20일

I have really enjoy this spealizaton. There has been rewarding journey in equipping my self with the tremendous knowledge from great coaches such as Dr.Scott DeRue and Dr.Maxim Sytch

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