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This course explains how to analyze circuits that have direct current (DC) current or voltage sources. A DC source is one that is constant. Circuits with resistors, capacitors, and inductors are covered, both analytically and experimentally. Some practical applications in sensors are demonstrated....

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2020년 9월 7일

The course is very helpful to us to understand the DC circit analysis a lot.Thank you to the team.As a faculty,I know the concepts well.So directly went to the quiz part.


2020년 4월 26일

The course is very good for beginners and lab experiments related to sensors are good .Explanation of concepts with real time applications is a good asset of this course

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Linear Circuits 1: DC Analysis의 318개 리뷰 중 1~25

교육 기관: Muhammad Z

2019년 4월 22일

Too many wrong questions in the quizzes posted and in-video questions. Moreover, too complex problems were asked before being taught and no official replies to the queries in forums. Somethings are not clearly clarified. It should be free to take and submit a quiz. Why without money I cannot submit my quiz. I should only not given a certificate but should be allow to take quiz

교육 기관: Александр В

2017년 10월 25일

Alright, I've finished the course. And it's the first course that I've finished among all 3-4 courses that I've started.


This is interesting and deep enough (in my opinion) course. The lectures and their videos are great. A lot of practical videos about solving different problems allow you fix gained knowledge quickly. I didn't manage to learn this course at school neither when tried to read the book about electricity. This course changed everything - my current level on knowledge is incomparable to the previous one. Thank you very much for this course.


There are a lot of errors in quizes. You cannot feel confident when you know that your correct answer may be rejected. There were few quizes that was impossible to solve without watching further lectures (even from next week) and there was on quiz that required information that was not discussed during the course. The forum activity was very low - almost dead forum. I didn't get any answer on some of questions. No mentors were there so we students was left on our own. But the forum was useful in the way that students created threads for errors in quizes and actually it helped to determine whether I failed to solve the problem or it was just another quiz error.

Despite all disadvantages, I highly recommend this course.

교육 기관: Nithishkumar s

2020년 4월 28일

I was bored in quarantine , so i decided to do a course here, at first it was bit tough to solve the analytical problems, it took 3 full notebook for me to solve all the problems including all practice problems, If you are studying engineering and you want solve extra problems in addition to what you learn in class lectures, this is a great place for you,although there were some grader problems in some of the quizzes ,i wasted lots of hours figuring out answer for grader mistaken problems,In conclusion it is a great course for students who love to do analytical problems, but conceptually it was only above average , not the best!

Special thanks: Dale K Garman (He is a hero in discussion forums, you can literally find him in all discussion , and he will be the one who had given you the correct answer at end, I owe you a big time sir, If it werent for you i wouldnt have solved most of the quiz answers!!!)

cheers, Have fun learning!

교육 기관: Dmitry P

2017년 7월 23일

This is shortened version of previous course with a LOT of errors. And completely lack of support on forum. I'm very disappointed.

교육 기관: Namgiri S

2020년 3월 1일

It's a very good and fundamental course to circuit branches. The way of delivery of course and also content is very nice and easy to understand the students.

교육 기관: Diego M M

2018년 5월 9일

Great course, learned a lot of things that they don't teach at my school, Thanks for the opportunity.

교육 기관: Madhusudan

2020년 4월 21일

Teaching is very good. Examples are very good . In basic electronics, I learned a lot specially in DC analysis. Thank you.

교육 기관: Paul K

2017년 5월 1일

Very good material and I'm grateful they provided it. There were many issues with the problem sets: incorrect, unclear, beyond scope of course, placed in wrong order of content. I reported all of these and never got even one response, perhaps because I'm not a paying customer. I had considered paying for the certificate but the more issues I encountered the more I was relieved not to have paid. But a great course nonetheless.

교육 기관: DANAO, D P (

2019년 10월 7일

About 30% of the problems that were correctly solved have an erroneous system.

교육 기관: sanmveg s

2020년 5월 15일

There are many wrong questions, and no mentor is replying to the problem.

교육 기관: Fabi N

2020년 5월 21일

The course is poorly organized and perhaps parts of different courses were stitched together in order to create this one. Video lessons have little to do with the questions they give you for quizzes and practice quizzes. There are sample problems or exercises that are based on topics not covered in this course. The grader system is broken and there's no mentor in the forum to help you out.

If you are expert on DC analysis, by all means, take this course as a means of exercise. Otherwise, do not go for it.

교육 기관: Miguel Á C R

2020년 3월 17일

Awful, a lot of answers on student problems are wrong, I submitted my coments trough coursera but never got an answer. This seems to be a problem on both quizes included in the free version as well as the paid. Shame on Georgia Tech for offering a course with that many mistakes.

교육 기관: Kalyan M

2022년 3월 5일

I really enjoyed this course throughly. I think it will be very much helpful for my future circuit course. Course instructurers are elcelent.

교육 기관: Mjesus S

2019년 6월 16일

A very interesting course. Thanks to all the professors.

교육 기관: THIGALA A

2020년 3월 12일

course is easy and simple to learn

교육 기관: Ram J

2019년 2월 17일

This course is very good


2020년 3월 12일

it was nice

교육 기관: Chandra S

2020년 3월 12일


교육 기관: TATA K

2020년 3월 12일


교육 기관: Tejdeep G

2020년 5월 25일

Apart from Assignments, this is a good course to learn , There are lot of solved examples through which you can gain much knowledge and better solving capability. The main downside to this course is that , there is no moderation, Many mistakes in the assignments and solutions, Questions in the assignments are not clear, I also observed that within then Assignments questions were asked based on untaught material from the following weeks. For Anyone who want to take/ audit course, It a good course , But I would say limit youself to watching videos and solve the extra examples from solved videos. There are some good question in assignments, But the said thing is that due to lost of mistakes they are not worth spending your time

교육 기관: Pavel

2017년 7월 16일

Too many errors in practice tests and quizes.

교육 기관: Alessandro B

2019년 11월 25일

Too much errors!


교육 기관: Arun V

2021년 2월 26일

I was familiar with the contents of this course from my undergraduate days, but those were long behind me. I found the course to be a very good refresher of the material.

The lecturers were clear in their presentation of the content. I also enjoyed the lab demonstrations peppered throughout the course. I only wish there had been more of these! As a recovering software engineer who has thus far shied away from anything hardware, I hope to get my hands on some equipment and try some of these demos myself.

There were a few hiccups, however. Some of the answers given to the questions were wrong, and this caused quite a bit of annoyance until I started referring the discussion forums. The lecturers were not active in the forums at all - something that's perhaps understandable for a course of this scale. I also wish that they had gone into a bit more detail perhaps by assuming a more advanced mathematical background on the part of the students, but maybe that's not prudent for an introductory course.

Altogether, I am glad I took this refresher, Onto AC analysis!

교육 기관: Abhishek K

2020년 1월 12일

I would suggest this to any electronics/electrical student to take this course to learn and improve the skills in the topic DC Analysis. A very required and instructive course.

There were many issues with the problem sets: incorrect, unclear, placed in the wrong order of content. But the discussion forum was useful in the way that students created threads for errors in practice exercise/quizzes and actually it helped to determine whether I failed to solve the problem/quiz or it was just another quiz error.

교육 기관: Akshat B

2020년 7월 21일

First things first,thanks a ton to the Institute of Georgia Technology for making me cross this river.

To get in brief, I would wish to compel some changes in the pathway of the course.

My eyes found some subtle blunders in a few number of assignments(probably the later part of the course) .It might be the case that floppy stuff was on my part, but would be great if you guys look into the matter.

Otherwise, it was a great journey overall .

PLEASE keep up the good work!!!!