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Course 3 is a continuation of the previous course, and will focus on teaching you how to work with tools you need to do your everyday work. The course begins by introducing you to numerous essential command line tools that are used daily. Then, it focuses on bash scripting - you will learn how to construct scripts and how to do very complicated tasks in an automated way. The course looks at files and filesystems and focuses on compiling programs in Linux, using gcc and other compilers, and using libraries of different types. It also takes a look at how Java works in Linux, and explains why there is no reason to worry about having easy-to-use Java programs in Linux. Course 3 ends by covering building packages out of software in Linux....

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2020년 6월 2일

This course is well developed and covered with each and every topic in detail . I learned lot of new things from this and will surely look forward to apply this knowledge practically.


2021년 12월 16일

I've enjoyed the part about package management tools.

I don't have to build a packages, I only use them at work and it was interesting to glimpse at a process behind the packages.

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