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Are you interested in predicting future outcomes using your data? This course helps you do just that! Machine learning is the process of developing, testing, and applying predictive algorithms to achieve this goal. Make sure to familiarize yourself with course 3 of this specialization before diving into these machine learning concepts. Building on Course 3, which introduces students to integral supervised machine learning concepts, this course will provide an overview of many additional concepts, techniques, and algorithms in machine learning, from basic classification to decision trees and clustering. By completing this course, you will learn how to apply, test, and interpret machine learning algorithms as alternative methods for addressing your research questions....

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2017년 9월 18일

I enjoyed this course a lot. It's easy and I've learnt what I need to apply the machine learning techniques. Easy and simple. You don't need to be a mathematician.


2020년 5월 6일

Clear and explanatory approach to the object. Instructors have great teaching transmissibility.

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2019년 2월 25일

교육 기관: SHREYA S

2022년 6월 6일


2020년 7월 10일

교육 기관: Смирнов В Г

2018년 2월 26일