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Make the Sale: Build, Launch, and Manage E-commerce Stores is the sixth of seven courses in the Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate. This course explores how businesses and individuals sell products online, including using popular platforms like Shopify. You’ll go through the process of creating a mock e-commerce store. To do this, you’ll build a Shopify store, add the necessary information, and create product listings. You’ll explore how to reach customers online through e-commerce customer outreach methods like advertisements and campaigns. Google employees who currently work in the field will guide you, providing hands-on activities and examples that simulate common digital marketing and e-commerce tasks while showing you some of the best tools and resources used on the job. Learners who complete the seven courses in this program will be ready to apply for entry-level jobs in digital marketing and e-commerce. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following: - Understand essential e-commerce strategies and practices - Explain how to conduct market research and product research - Set up a mock e-commerce store using Shopify - Use Google Ads to engage e-commerce customers - Explain how trends and seasonality affect e-commerce businesses - Use best practices to create an engaging customer experience online - Describe the order fulfillment process through checkout, point of sale (POS), shipping, and delivery. - Optimize a checkout flow for customers...

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2022년 11월 29일

Engaging material, enlightening activities, and very well presented! Would be interested in a full course devoted to product research and development, product sourcing, and product fulfillment.


2022년 5월 9일

Great opportunity to get hands on experience using the Shopify software. I also liked how Google Ads was explained with the real life examples like ecommerce seasonality.

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2022년 5월 10일

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2022년 5월 10일

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2022년 5월 10일