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This is the #4 course in the specialization on management consulting. Management consultants are quick learners. When you first join a generalist consulting firm, you are expected to learn core consulting skills and will likely be staffed on projects across industry and functions. You might be on a chemicals pricing project, then a retail cost-reduction project. It’s critical that you learn “how to get smart quickly” and ask smart questions. At the same time, you should develop an armory of tools to create data through client interviews, surveys, benchmarking, and observations....

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2022년 11월 7일

I truly enjoyed the course. Mr Kim is simply the best instructor I have met. His method of teaching leaves one with imprint memory never to forget.Thanks so much


2022년 9월 4일

This was an excellent course on how to quickly prepare for any project and how to get smart quick. I really appreciated how easy to follow this course was.

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