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COURSE 3 of 7. This course is designed to introduce you to critical office-based processes that a value-based practice must manage in the drive towards improved patient outcomes. In Module 2, we’ll focus on office-based and clinical patient-based supporting functions. At every level in healthcare, guidelines, processes, and functions exist to improve outcomes, and following a consistent process will return the best effect. Refine your understanding of value and learn strategies to provide real assistance to patients to manage chronic diseases and navigate the complex healthcare system. Gain an overview of panel management, a systematic, proactive approach to identify and address unmet chronic and preventive care needs of patients that leads to better health outcomes. Learn how clinical patient-based questions related to immunizations, cancer screenings, or diabetes care can generate data to support a strategy of identifying non-utilization patterns. In the summative assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge by explaining and synthesizing the importance of office-based processes and patient-based supporting functions to improve patient outcomes and experience as well as clinical quality. As you reflect on what you have learned in this course, you will also have an opportunity to consider the relationship between managing these processes and functions and the fundamental premise of value-based care....

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